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DVD SelectNet Automated DVD Publishing



DVD SelectNet Automated DVD Publishing

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> Integrated Media Management and Automated DVD Authoring
Pulse Digital presents DVD SelectNet Enterprise and DVD SelectNet SE -- revolutionary solutions for enabling users to manage their media and produce authored DVDs in only minutes.

The DVD SelectNet product line provides any organization with the ability to manage its media and author high quality DVDs quickly and easily. With the inclusion of integrated asset management, DVD SelectNet is the industry's first automated DVD production system providing users with tremendous flexibility. DVD SelectNet is a network-based solution enabling users to log in via any standard web browser to create and submit DVD projects. Professional DVDs are created with custom menu pages and buttons with motion and video.
All stages of the patent pending process are fully automated and, with the option to record directly to the internal drive or output to a networked robotic DVD recorder, users are provided with unmatched flexibility and performance.

SKU: SN-D-401-R

Our Price:
$ 12,995.00

Product Features

DVD SelectNet Enterprise provides corporations, universities, medical institutions, broadcasters and large facilities the ability to support the DVD needs of a larger workforce. Additionally the Enterprise edition is ideally suited for users that have pre-existing media repositories from which they would like to automate DVD authoring and production via the XML interoperability of DVD SelectNet.

DVD SelectNet "Enterprise" brings unprecedented features and more flexibility than ever before. The following capabilties distinguish the Enterprise version from the more affordable Single-user Edition ("SE").

Portfolio Server: Enterprise edition includes the Extensis Portfolio Server digital asset management system to ensure that media files are managed easily and effectively.
Multiple Concurrent Users: Enterprise edition enables multiple users to simultaneously and securely access DVD SelectNet and submit jobs for production. No more bottlenecks waiting for either the DVD artist or the DVD Authoring machine!
XML Automation: Enterprise edition enables external systems to submit orders via simple XML requests. This allows other, pre-existing Media Asset Management systems to easily send DVD job requests to DVD SelectNet. (Please call Pulse Digital for more information about the powerful XML integration.)
Automatic Hierarchical Menus: Enterprise edition allows users to select one or more database fields to automatically sort the selected media. DVD SelectNet automatically creates sub-menus based on the sorted media, providing an extremely valuable navigation on the finished DVD.

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