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Verity Systems Copy Disc 4 OptiPrinter


Verity Systems Copy Disc 4 OptiPrinter

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> CopyDisc4
Integrated CD/DVD Duplicator & Color Inkjet Printer

The CopyDisc4 OptiPrinterô from Verity Systems, the ultimate CD & DVD publishing system, provides the perfect solution to those wanting to produce CD-Rs/DVD-Rs from start to finish to the highest possible standard. Combining the unprecedented technology of the Verity Systems OptiPrinterô inkjet printer and the CopyDisc range of automatic duplicators, users are assured of quality
CD-Rs/DVD-Rs printed with bright and vibrant color text and graphics time after time.

The automatic operation is simple and effective enabling anyone to easily operate the entire process. The high-speed robotic arm lifts the discs from the input spindle, which can accommodate up to 220 discs, and places them into the drives for fast, accurate copying. Once copied, the discs are removed systematically from the drives and placed into the waiting printer, which quickly prints the very best photo-quality graphics directly onto the surface of your CDs & DVDs. Completed discs are then placed on the output spindle.

The OptiPrinterô offers an amazing 4800 dpi resolution, delivering stunning full-color graphics & laser sharp black text like no other printer. Utilizing HPs PhotoRET III inkjet technology, the highest number of tiny inkjet droplets are placed per pixel, at the highest firing frequency and with no compromise in speed. The result is a 16.7 million, color palette, finer color control, perfect clean, crisp graphics and a faster drying time. The outstanding print quality & print speed is also achieved through the innovative design of the OptiPrinterís drawer mechanism which holds the discs in place to such high degree of accuracy that the finest inkjet printing can take place with no smudging or smearing.

Up to 4 writers can be installed which makes the CopyDisc4 OptiPrinterô one of the most efficient automatic duplicators available, for example up to 37 CD-Rs can be duplicated and printed per hour*. DVD drives or a combination of CD & DVD drives can be fitted offering maximum versatility and a minimum 20 Gigabyte hard drive is fitted as standard providing ample storage for data and graphics.

SKU: ZZ304111/4DVD/O

List Price: $ 9,099.00
Our Price:
$ 7,895.00

Product Specifications

Integrated CD/DVD Duplicator & Color Inkjet Printer

Disc Capacity: 220 CD-Rs or DVD-Rs

CD-R Throughput: 37 per hour with 4 of 48X speed writers (approx. dependent on file size and disc coverage)

DVD-R Throughput: 16 DVDs per hour with 4 off 4x speed writers (approx. dependent on file size and disc coverage)

CD Format Support:
CD-Extra (Blue Book aka Enhanced CD, CD Plus)
CD-ROM Mode 1
CD-XA Mode 2 (Form 1 & 2)
CD-DA (Red Book Audio with sub codes)
CD-I (Green Book)
Video CD (White Book)
Mixed Mode
Kodak Photo CD
ISO9660, UFS, HFS etc
Playstation (Developer)
Rockridge, Joliet
CD+G Karaoke (only if fitted with Plextor drives)
Single Session
Track At Once (TAO)
Session At Once (SAO)
Disc At Once (DAO)
Will not verify audio

DVD Support:
DVD Video (will not defeat CCSS copy protection)
DVD ROM (single layer/dual layer)
DVD Audio (where copy protection is not in place)

Note: Format Support can depend on drive type and firmware version.

Image Storage: Internal Hard Disk 20 Gigabyte as standard (40Gb option); no limit on number of files stored (subject to hard disk capacity only); 14 character alpha numeric file name; image delete and rename features.

Software Features: Auto format recognition; Batch mode processing duplication; Copy/verify and byte for byte verification; Simulation testing; Advanced system diagnostics; Software firmware upgrades.

Recorder Support: Verity Systems TrueCopy 40S
Pioneer DVR s201 DVD-R Authoring
Pioneer DVR - A05

Operational Voltage: 110v / 60Hz & 220-240v / 50Hz (self adjusting)

Dimensions: Height: 605mm (23.8") Depth: 725mm (28.5") Width: 725mm (28.5") Net Weight: 38.9kg (86lbs) Net Weight: 38.9 kg (86 lbs.)

Environment: Temperature: 40-95f (5-35c) Humidity: 20%-80% non condensing

Drive Configuration: The CopyDisc 4S-Opti has 4 drives and can be configured in any combination. For example: 3 CD-R Drives & 1DVD-R Drives; 2 CD-R Drives & 2 DVD-R Drive; 0 CD-R Drives & 4 DVD-R Drives.
Please note only one type of drive, either CD-R or DVD-R, can be used in one session.

OptiPrinterô Inkjet Printer

Maximum Resolution: Black: 600 x 600 dpi
Color: 4800 x 1200 optimized dpi color printing with 1200 x 1200 dpi input resolution. Full color spectrum of 16.7 million colors. HP PhotoRET III Color Management System. Industry's smallest ink droplet size - only 5 pico-litres (pl).

Media Support & Handling: Prints directly onto the surface of inkjet printable 120mm CDs & DVDs, rectangular 86mm x 61mm & 80mm x 61mm CD Business Cards & 80mm Mini Discs

Cartridges: Dual Ink Cartridges: Standard HP Black Print Cartridge 51645A
Standard HP Color Print Cartridge C6578D; Large capacity color cartridge: C6578AN

Graphics Software: Discus CD design software Can be used with most design packages such as CorelDraw & PhotoShop

Warranty: 12 months back to base, all parts and labor included. Please call Verity Systems or your Verity Systems distributor for Extended Warranty and Comprehensive on site cover options.
Please note the print head is only warranted for 30 days

Options: CopyDisc Networking Solutions. 40 Gb Internal Hard Drive.

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