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High Density Compatible Digital

High Density Compatible Digital (HDCD)

HDCD enhances the audio quality of Compact Discs.

High Density Compatible Digital (HDCD) is a recording process which enhances the quality of audio from compact discs giving an end result which is more acceptable to audiophiles than standard CD. It was developed by Pacific Microsonics.

HDCD discs use the least significant bit of the 16 bits per channel to encode additional information to enhance the audio signal in a way which has been shown does not affect the playback of HDCD discs on normal CD audio players. The result is a 20-bit per channel encoding system.  HDCD is claimed to provide more dynamic range and a very natural sound.

HDCD logoMany HDCD titles are available particularly in the USA. Discs can be recognised by the presence of the HDCD logo.  For information on titles available see the HDCD website.

Special HDCD players are needed to playback HDCD discs by a combination of interpolation plus the use of additional codes to correct for defects in interpolation. These players area claimed also to give better results with ordinary CDs than normal non-HDCD players.  Some DVD players will play HDCD discs.






"HDCD is claimed to provide more dynamic range and a very natural sound"


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